Hall of Fame of Freaks

Welcome to the Hall of Fame of Freaks!  A tribute to the relatively unknown yet unforgotten marvels of the world.  A long-anticipated re-occurring segment where we debate one of the unforgotten marvels (freaks) to see if they are worthy enough to enter… The Hall of Fame of Freaks!


October 12th, 1871 this future legend was born to two Guayanese slaves off the coast of South America. His potential soon acknowledged by PT Barnum, he was brought to the United States at age 18 to become one of Coney Island’s primary attractions. Best known for his ability to roll cigarettes with only his lips, this famous limbless sideshow performer suffered from tetra-amelia syndrome, but despite his physical limitations, truly lived life to his fullest. Speaking 4 languages and displaying charming showmanship led him to a starring role in the 1932 controversial film “Freaks” in which he is seen lighting up a cigarette with a match and producing one single unintelligible line. His incredible self sufficiency despite his obvious challenges led to famous nicknames that included The Snake Man, The Human Torso, The Human Caterpillar, and the Human Worm. This man, loving spouse and father of 4 ultimately passed due to a heart attack on December 19th, 1934 following one final performance at Sam Wagner’s 14th Street Museum in New York City. 



From one of the noblest families in England comes the incredibly bizarre tale of a two faced man. The heir to said family was known to be a charming man with profound grace.The tale of his life has become so muddled through the passage of time that no solid date of birth or death is evident to modern researchers. A scholar and musician who was said to be handsome when viewed from the front, yet frightening and horrific from the back. On the back of his head existed one of the rarest of all deformities, another face that was considered to possess its own intelligence and was quite malignant in its intentions. It has been said that the eyes would follow spectators and its lips would ‘gibber’ relentlessly. According to legend it would smile and sneer as he wept over his condition. It does not require a great leap of faith to conclude that the tale of the two faced man is based on nuggets of fact, mixed with urban legend. This freak’s story is a nightmarish tale in which our human minds often classify as impossible in order to help us sleep well at night.


Hall of Fame of Freaks - Robert Wadlow

While some of the world’s oddities are plagued by mystique and riddled by what can often be considered a misrepresentation of the truth, others stand the test of time with irrefutable evidence. This chronicle spotlights the story of the man whom the term “gentle-giant” was coined after. Born of ordinary size and weight, this young infant thickened to 45 pounds and lengthened to over three feet tall by the time of his first birthday. As the inconceivable growth spurts continued, the boy’s lack of feeling in his legs would require fitted leg braces that would continually be replaced. Surpassing his father’s height of 6 feet tall by the age of 8 led to an eventual hyperplasia of the pituitary gland diagnosis. In 1936 after graduating from High School at 8 feet 4 inches tall, the boy, now man was wrangled by the Ringling Brothers to be showcased as the world’s tallest man, an act that drew enormous crowds and earned him quite the celebrity following. Always mild-mannered and polite, a lover of music and photography, this skyscraper of a man with gargantuan size 37AA custom shoes finally succumbed to his uncontrollable growth at a final record height of 8 feet 11.1 inches and 439 pounds at the age of 22. The one true gentle giant and absolute tower of a man.