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Raw Dog Ryan of Sensible People Podcast

Raw Dog Ryan

Ryan was born and bred in the small, but awesome town of Antioch, IL.   He is proud to be a dad of a 2 year old boy. He grew up an avid Chicago sports fan, but also has a huge interest with the national landscape of the sporting world. Ryan quite often has a pirate’s thirst for Captain Morgan, along with a Marlboro light and often goes by the name Raw Dog.

Ryan is easily annoyed by the trials and tribulations that we call life. While in his presence, be sure to not make “small talk”, don’t leave your toast crumbs on his butter, and don’t call him while you could have easily texted him instead. There seems to be a lot of unwritten rules for us as people of society, and he would love to be the judge and jury of your actions.

Ryan is looking to press your buttons on how you get through your day and what you truly find socially acceptable.


Amber of Sensible People Podcast

Mandi B

Mandi B’s bio is coming soon!


Tay of Sensible People Podcast


A Chicagoland native that’s simply out to convey his daily observations in the most sensible of views. Tay’s an addictive personality whose found a sweet tooth for sports, gambling, beer and other guy’s-guy activities. Sometimes taking a backseat to Raw Dog’s rambunctious behavior or coming to terms with Amber’s rational opinions, Tay’s also known to bring his own outlandish and wacky voice to the mic.