Meet Sensible People

Raw Dog Ryan of Sensible People Podcast

Raw Dog Ryan

Raw Dog Ryan is the hilarious and foul-mouthed co-host that Sensible Nation can’t get enough of. Raw Dog is a founder of Sensible People and has played a role in producing every episode to date. As of Season 2 he became the full-time editor of all episodes as well. Raw Dog is an avid Chicago sports fan with a passion for golden showers. @churchrc on Twitter


Amber of Sensible People Podcast

Mandi B

Mandi B joined Sensible People at the start of Season 2 in mid-2018 replacing Season 1’s  co-host Amber. Mandi’s thick Chicago accent and contagious laugh drive all the boys wild like she’s Cameron Diaz in “Something About Mary,” all the while trying to prove to Ryan and Tay that she is in fact #sensible. @MandiBroniec on Twitter


Tay of Sensible People Podcast

Tay (SensibleDegenerate)

Tay is the comedic founder, producer and co-host of Sensible People. Tay’s an addictive personality whose found a sweet tooth for sports, gambling, beer and other guy’s-guy activities and is often the lead voice on the show’s intro and various segments. @TayWagener on Twitter


Sonny Patel

Sonny Patel is the cringe-worthy recurring guest from Seasons 1 and 2 of Sensible People. In Season 2  Sonny was hired as the on-site reporter for Sensible People. From Mumbai, India Sonny brings his passion for women and details of eye-opening fetishes to America.