S2 09 | Sensible Nonsense ft. Comedian Adam Nutter

After Raw Dog survived his ruthless roast in e32, the trio is back to help increase your sensibility. Raw Dog continues to share his head-scratching tales of single life, Mandi answers whether girls fart while they pee, and Tay introduces the world to Googly Eyes. Standup comedian and host of the “Nerds with Words” podcast Adam Nutter dials in for some “Sensible or Not” and the debate regarding standing up versus sitting down to wipe continues.  Plus Mandi gets to test herself against Raw Dog in a bout of “Did It Really Happen?” What better way to enjoy a cold winter day than laughing to some Sensible Nonsense?

You can follow our guest comedian Adam Nutter @AdamNutter on Twitter & @Adam_Nutter on Instagram. Be sure to listen to his podcast “Nerds with Words” on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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